Minecraft Challenges!

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Minecraft Challenges!

Post  Mega Bear on Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:58 pm

These are a couple of different ways to play a world. They all have their own challenge for divided fun from the other challenges. If you have good ideas along the lines of these worlds, post them and I'll put them in the OP.

• Dwarf Fortress - You are allowed to gather as much material on the surface as possible on your first day. Saplings, sand, pumpkins, and other things that can't be found underground. Once day one is over, you have to spend the rest of your time in that world underground. The sun and moonlight both burn your skin, but torches, being fire, merely give off a little light.

• City Folk - You can not live in a cave, in the side of a mountain, etc. Your house has to be built on the surface and be visually appealing. It can have a basement and mine, but your bed has to be above ground. In addition, you also have to build a city for yourself. Warehouses for storing goods, farms, watchtowers, walls, mine, and other things you would find in a town.

• Like a Nomad - You can not build a permanent home, rather small shacks scattered around an area with mines in them. Spelunking is recommended for obtaining diamonds and obsidian.

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