PS3 Controller on Windows 8

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PS3 Controller on Windows 8

Post  Jakester on Tue Jul 08, 2014 1:13 pm

Dear Fellow Brick Manian,

So I recently bought Nuclear Throne (Awesome game btw) and I wanted to see if I could finally try to hook up a PS3 controller to use it for A) Co-Op B) For better control. However, every tutorial I found on youtube directs me to a software called "MotionInJoy", which upon further inspection, has been claimed as a virus.

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge in doing this without MotionInJoy, of if that software is in fact legitimate? I'd like to know!

P.S I do have Xbox controllers which I've heard are easier to use, but I'm unsure if I can find the USB cord to them.
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